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Monday, December 21, 2009

there is no place like home for the Holidays/price paid for Christ

So I may not be able to go ot NJ for christmas as we planned to go see the rest of my family it is snowing really bad on the east coast right now and planes are all backed up and we have to fly stand by and with all the rollovers from other flights we probably wont be able to go. and it breaks my heart because of the crazy schedual last year i missed all major events in my family besides holidays ie my sister graduation from college and her senior recital.and so this year is starting off to be like the same way because another thing that is stopping us from flying is the fact that i have to be home on the morning of the 28th for ministry team and i cant afford to be late and my mom said we could try to fly on another day but ther is a possiblity we could get stuck and i wouldnt be able to get back in in a way i kinda feel like its my fault and this another reason i want to go to NJ because i havent seen my family very often and it makes me sad because my family is big on togetherness...I probably should exspress this to my mother but i havent but we were planning on leaving on wed so if you could just be in prayer that we will be able to go and get back in time for me to start mt stuff. that would be wonderful

Friday, December 18, 2009

A penny for your thoughts

I have been recently wondering the never ending question of why God does things. i know it is a type of question that cant really be answered but for intstacne what happens when a person goes through something in life that was tramatic(i dont think i spelled that right lol) and because they cant figure out the "why" it happened to them they make it hard for themselves to get help form this situation because they ar still dwelling on the un fairness of it. what if they focuse so much on figurering out why somethign happened to them that they dont think about getting help and getting. over the situation that happened to them in the first place.

and there is another situation where god takes something away from you so you can not be dirstracted by it so you can learn something from the situation. Then when you think the thing he took away is something you were better off not having in the first place ,,,he brings it back into your life and this isnt one of those instances where the enemy brings it into your life dsiquised as an angel of light. this is something you legitemately know that it was the Lord...then things get confusing. so these are the tings i have been ponderign lately some are just thoughts others are things that are going on im my life now.

here is a nugget i learned from today
you know the passage where it is said give 10%in tithes and the Lord will give you back a hundred fold......that dosent always just mean money it can mean your time your heart or your thoughts

Sunday, December 13, 2009

okay so i have never really gotten into these but here goes nothing i am as of now going to use it to keep intouch with a select group of friends from the Honor Academy. So we will start with that and see where it goes from there.

there its offical........ i blogged